Fun for everyone, photos forever 

Get every guest out of their chair in celebration

Customize the booth experience to fit with your vision

A personalized experience

Plan your whole photo booth experience in 30 minutes or less

Entertainment with minimal time invested

Your guests will leave with a stack of professional photos to enjoy

Pictures for you and
your guests

If your flowers and cake are beautiful but your guests don’t have fun, the effort and investment you put into your day will feel wasted.

You shouldn’t have to wonder,
“Will my wedding be fun?”


Enter the Blondie Booth.

Everyone celebrates differently. Some people dance, some people drink and some do neither. That’s why you need a source of entertainment that anyone and everyone can use. The Blondie Booth is an opportunity to make, capture, and keep memories with loved ones.

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We are obsessed with helping you create the wedding your friends and family can’t stop talking about.

With the Blondie Booth at your wedding, guests will be out of their chairs snapping memorable pictures all night long.

The bonus? It also gives them a gift they actually want — a professional-quality photo they can share with their friends or hang front and center on the fridge.

Having a successful Blondie Booth experience couldn’t be easier.

Personalize your print


Add your names, the date, the venue, or a hashtag. The details make it all come together.



Pick your backdrop

Whether you want a pop of color or something clean, pick the backdrop that best fits with the vibe of your wedding.

Select your props

Bring the goofy side out of your guests with props you like. Or if you think props are a bit too much, we'll keep them put away.

We’ll handle the rest.

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A photo booth experience that breaks the mold

We’ve been to boring weddings (we’re sure you have too). As a couple, it can be difficult to figure out what details to include to ensure a great experience for every guest.

A photo booth could be great, but we get it if you have some hesitations.

*I’m too busy or stressed to add one more thing to my list for wedding planning.* 

A nationwide survey found that four out of five guests remember wedding entertainment more than anything else. If you want a memorable wedding, this is where to invest. 

We get it! Picking all of the details for The Blondie Booth can be done in less than 30 minutes.

*Adding an extra vendor is too expensive.*

*Some photo booths are so corny.*

You’re right. That’s why we’ll let you customize your booth exactly the way you want it. We will keep what you find corny far away from your wedding.

Host the wedding everyone will remember
for all the right reasons.


We're The
Blondie Booth

We're a Photo Booth Rental Company serving Lancaster Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. 


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